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Don't Pay Rent!

How do you "put down roots" in Lexington, KY?  Have you ever heard anyone in Lexington, KY say they want to rent an apartment so they can "put down roots"?  NO and you probably never will.  To most people "putting down roots" means "owning their own home" and turning it into a HOME.  The easiest way to "put down roots" in Lexington, KY is to quit paying rent (which may increase from year to year) and "BUY" your first home.  Your equity in your own home will grow as you make your payments.  Most loans have a fixed interest rate which gives you a fixed principle and interest payment for the life of your loan (usually 30 years but could be 15 or 20).  If you would like to hear more call John Fister (859) 533-8777.


Whether you are first time home buyer in Lexington, Kentucky or an accomplished real estate investor, you will discover ways to make and/or save thousands of dollars on every real estate transaction in Lexington by familiarizing yourself with the articles listed below that are applicable to your particular real estate purchase or real estate sale.


For buyers of real estate in Lexington, Kentucky:

  • Why RENTING a home costs you more than BUYING a home.
  • Want to purchase a Lexington , KY home with ZERO down payment - here's how ...
  • Many sellers will pay your closing costs?  Why?
  • Do many first time home buyers really make 50 to 100% return on their investment in a Lexington, KY home?  Yes and this is how ...
  • Bargains in Lexington, KY real estate are out there every day.  How to recognize them.

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