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Questions frequently asked by FIRST-TIME HOME BUYERS

  • Where can I go for a home loan in Lexington, KY?
  • How high of a credit score do I need to buy a home?
  • How do I find my credit score?
  • What can I do to improve my credit score?
  • May I buy a home if I've taken bankruptcy?
  • Do I need a down payment to buy a home in Lexington, Kentucky?
  • How much are closing costs for a home purchase in Lexington, KY?
  • what are closing costs anyway?
  • May a seller pay my closing costs?
  • Exactly how much money do I need up front to buy a home in Lexington, KY?
  • Is John Fister really the most experienced Realtor in Lexington KY?
  • Is it better to buy a new home or an existing home in Lexington, KY?
  • How long does it take to obtain a loan and have the closing when I purchase a Lexington, KY home?
  • Is it smart to get a home inspection done when I buy a home in Lexington, KY?
  • Are home inspections a good idea when buying a "new" home in Lexington, KY?
  • Should I have a termite inspection done when I purchase an existing or a new home?
  • Do home warranties come with all "new" homes in Lexington, KY?
  • Do home warranties come with existing homes in Lexington, KY?
  • Is a home purchase in Lexington, KY considered a good investment?
  • Do home prices in Lexington, KY fluctuate a lot like stock market prices?
  • How long do you think interest rates will stay LOW?
  • What is best?  To save up a large down payment before I buy a home or to buy now while rates are so low?
  • If my credit score is weak, may my parents co-sign to help me buy a home in Lexington, KY?
  • Is my time-on-job important for me to qualify for a home purchase loan?
  • What is the best source of heat for a home?  Gas or electric?
  • Should I expect extra maintenance problems in an older home?
  • How can I lower HVAC bills for my home?
  • How does home ownership save me on taxes?
  • How may buying a new car prevent me from buying a home?
  • Is it true that owning a home is the single biggest source of savings for most Americans?
  • Should a home buyer always be professionally represented by a Realtor? ... and ... why?
  • Should I order ceramic tile or vinyl flooring in my new home?

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