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Your Good Credit Secures the Best Loan

The simplest explanation for how to obtain good credit is to borrow money responsibly and pay it back to your lender on the agreed upon timetable.  (No late payments)  When you do this month to month and year to year, it will create a wonderful credit score for you.  The most preferred credit scores are 700+.


If you have had a foreclosure, bankruptcy, or just plain old sloppy credit (various late payments) and want the FAST-road-to-recovery of a good credit standing, you need to take action NOW.  Just scroll up this page and click the button labeled Loans & Mortgage Calculator.  This will take you to several very experienced experts on 'Credit Recovery'.  Please contact any or all of them and ask their recommendation.  They will give you an Action Plan and approximate time-table for your credit rating to be improved.  If you have any difficulty getting the answers you need, please contact John Fister, A.S.A.P.